About the Beerdrinker

The Beerdrinker is a man in his sixth decade (i.e. between the ages of fifty one and sixty) who has had an almost lifelong interest in beer.  (Okay, maybe lifelong is a bit of an exaggeration, but from the age of eighteen.  Okay maybe eighteen is a bit of an exaggeration, but from the age of seventeen.  Okay, maybe seventeen …)  In his mid thirties, he undertook an academic course in Beer Appreciation at his local college.   As a fully qualified beer dinker, he is now prepared to share the knowledge gained through his experience with interested readers.

Alongside his passion for beer, the Beerdrinker likes all the matters associated with beer drinking.  That includes dominoes, cribbage, darts, crisps and passing comment on things about which he knows absolutely nothing.

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire, he has become intimately acquainted with the beers of the nearby Bateman’s Brewery.

The Beerdrinker is ably assisted by his son and son-in-law, both of whom have completed their apprenticeships in beer drinking.