Beer No. 58 Mocha Beer

Beer Type:  Strong Ale

ABV:  6.0%

Brewer:  Batemans

Bottle conditioned: No

Bottle size:  500  ml

Country of origin:  England

What the label says:

Tis wonderfully creamy, rich indulgence contains real Arabica coffee and Belgian chocolate.  We suggest serving at room temperature in a stem shaped glass for more aroma and pleasure.  Pour gently into a tilted glass.

What the Beerdrinker says:

A very dark ruby beer with a foamy mushroom coloured head.  It has an odd chemical aroma over a dark chocolate nose. It tastes of roasted coffee beans, with burnt overtones.  It is very sweet, almost to a sickly level.  The combination of sweetness, bitterness and burnt flavours is somewhat unsettling.  To be honest, this beer is too strong and flavours are overbearing.  It would better in a 330 ml bottle.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)

The Beerdrinker thinks this beer is similar to:



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