Beer No. 50 Rev James Gold

Beer Type:  Golden Ale

ABV:   4.1%

Brewer:  Brains

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:   500 ml

Country of origin:  Wales

What the label says:

Fine Ale Revelation.  The Rev James Ales are named in honour of brewing legend the Rev James Buckley, saver of souls and satisfier of thirsts.  Brewed with our exclusive Buckley’s yeast, they each deliver a signature taste with a surprising finish.  Chapter and verse, the Rev James Gold is crisp and sweet with fresh fruit flavours that are balanced by an intriguing depth and light malty aroma.

What the Beerdrinker says:

This beer looks flat when poured, it has very few bubbles and very poor head.  The nose is a delicate mixture of hops, grass and flowers.  The initial taste is sweet and honeyed, but soon dissipates to leave a salty bitter after taste.  If held on the tongue the after taste is overpowering.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)


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