Beer No. 48 Old Empire IPA

Beer Type:  Pale Ale

ABV:              5.7%

Brewer:      Marstons

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:   500 ml

Country of origin:  England

What the label says:

Old Empire IPA a memorable and deceptively easy drinking IPA.  This is an authentic recreation of the beer style created for and enjoyed throughout the Empire.    Goldings Fuggles and American Cascade hops combine to give a crisp citrus hop aroma with a balanced bitter sweet finish.

What the Beerdrinker says:

This beer has a really good head on pouring, but it soon vanishes.  The nose on pouring is overpoweringly of carbon dioxide with some overtones of hops.  The beer is creamy with slight tastes of bitterness and sweetness.  It is a warming beer as a consequence of the high alcoholic value.  To be frank there’s not a lot going on with this beer.  Like all Marston’s beer, if held in the mouth it develops its typical Marston saltiness.  When left to go flat, it develops a really sweet and honey flavour, which is quite pleasant.  It is a shame that this beer has been over gassed so that you need to let it go flat to make it drinkable.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)



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