Beer No. 36 Premium Especial

Beer Type:  Lager

ABV:            5.0%

Brewer:     San Miguel

Bottle conditioned: No

Bottle size:  660 ml

Country of origin:  Spain, Phillipines and UK  (see Beerdinker’s tasting notes)

What the label says:


What the Beerdrinker says:

Another beer that looks like fizzy apple juice with a head.  The head is tight and foamy, but doesn’t last particularly well.  The nose is very yeasty with no other aromas.

The beer is not unduly fizzy, but is very dry.  It is very smooth and slightly sweet.  It is quite an understated and refined beer.  The Beerdrinker likes it.

The beer claims to be Spanish, but is brewed under licence by Carlsberg in Northampton, UK. The HQ of San Miguel is in Madrid, but the beer was originally brewed in the Phillipines.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)


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