Beer No. 32 Jack Hammer

Beer Type:  Pale Ale

ABV:             7.2%

Brewer:     Brewdog

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:   330 ml

Country of origin:  Scotland

What the label says:

Press the button, go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Your mama’s not coming this time.  Don’t slow down.  Hammer it.  Start with a huge grapefruit aroma, pile on more bitterness than the human palette (or nipple) can detect.  Ride the anarchy and caramel craziness and let the devastating biter finish drill straight through your tastebuds.  Put a bullet in the head of mediocrity, raise Hell and revel in bitter craft awesomeness.  This beer is the end of the line.  The hopped-up puckered mouthed extreme of craft brewing.  This beer is bitter.  Very bitter.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What the Beerdrinker says:

This beer is totally bonkers.

On pouring the beer is slightly cloudy and loses its head quickly.  It has a strong grapefruit nose as promised, but also great scents of peaches.  Its taste is of burnt caramel, coffee and grapefruit.  When the beer is held in the mouth its bitterness is overwhelming and burns the taste buds.  The Beerdrinker would suggest that you don’t try this for yourself.

The beer is very pleasant when sipped sedately, but is caustic when necked.

This is an extreme beer.  The label ends with a warning and they weren’t lying.  This beer is hardcore.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)



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