Beer No. 30 Daytime Ale

Beer Type:    Pale Ale

ABV:                 4.65%

Brewer:           Lagunitas

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:  355  ml

Country of origin:  USA

What the label says:

A dry hopped ale with an OG of 1.042, 54.20 I.B.U. and just 4.65% by volume.

What the Beerdrinker says:

This beer has the look of a lager.  It is very pale and has thick foamy head.  But that’ where the similarities end.  It has a strong nose of peaches and grapefruit.  It is very dry on the front of the mouth, with very little flavour.  But on swallowing there is a pronounced peach after taste.  As the beer settles, the after taste becomes more grapefuit and aniseed.  A really refreshing and pleasant beer.

The label reads as a technical specification and for the uninitiated, OG means Original Gravity, which is a measurement of the amount of sugar in the original liquor before fermentation.  I.B.U. stands for International Bitterness Unit and is a measure of a specific enzyme found in hops which produces bitterness in the beer.  The higher the figure, the more bitter the beer is reported to be, though the level of bitterness will often be affected by other factors, such as the style of malt used.  This means that despite two beers having  different  I.B.U. ratings, the one with the higher rating is not necessarily the one that will taste most bitter.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)


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