Beer No. 29 Christmas Pudding Ale

Beer Type:  Strong Ale

ABV:              5.5%

Brewer:      Young’s (note: this company no longer brews beer and is a pub chain.  It ceased its brewing operation in 2006)

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:   500 ml

Country of origin:  England

What the label says:

If you are seeking a feisty ale to accompany the season’s festivites look no further than Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale.  It is so magnificent and merry making that Yule want to put it in a bowl and pour brandy sauce all over it.  With its warming, dark ruby character and all the splendid luscious flavours of almond and dried fruit, Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale is an inspirational addition to a traditional Christmas feast or fireside gathering.

What the Beerdrinker says:

Firstly, the Beerdrinker must point out that this bottle of beer was 13 years past its best before date when sampled, but nevertheless it was a truly stunning and delicious beer.

The beer did not retain its head, but that could have been due to its age.  It has a treacle and chocolate nose with an undercurrent of something chemical, akin to nail varnish.  When tasted it is exceptionally sweet with a combination of honey and sultanas and raisins.  In fact it tasted of Christmas Pudding.

It may have been 13 past its best, but it was still a great beer.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)




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