Beer No. 24 Old Peculier

Beer Type:  Strong Ale

ABV:              5.6%

Brewer:        Theakston Ales

Bottle conditioned:  No

Bottle size:   500 ml

Country of origin:  England

What the label says:

Theakston’s Old Peculier is brewed with the finest blend of finest pale, crystal and roasted barley malt along with the majestic fuggles hop to create a wonderful full bodied flavour with subtle banana, cherry and rich fruit overtones.

What the Beerdrinker says:

A superb beer, that is thick and dark in the glass, topped with a frothy mushroom or coffee coloured head.  The beer has a very malty nose with cherry highlights.  It is exceptionally smooth in the mouth and gives a definite electric zing on the front of the tongue.  It has a very slight sweetness and leaves the drinker with a delightfully subtle banana after taste.

When left for a while, the beer develops a more organic aroma similar to newly mown hay.  Once the glass is empty, it smells strongly of honey.

Absolutely delicious.

Rating:  (our ratings guide)


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