Beer No. 12 Belgian White

Beer Type:  Wheat Beer

ABV:             5.4%

Brewer:      Blue Moon Brewing Company

Bottle conditioned:  Yes

Bottle size:  330 ml

Country of origin:  USA

What the label says:


At Blue Moon Brewing Company, everything we do stems from our artistic approach to brewing beer.  Our philosophy is simple, we take great classic styles and make them even better by adding unique twists. It’s been like that since we added our first twist, back in 1995 in Denver Colorado.  And that’s why we say our beer = and everything we do – is Artfully Crafted.  Blue Moon is brewed with oats for creaminess and spiced with the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander.  Bring out the subtle flavours by serving it with an orange slice garnish.

What the Beerdrinker says:


A traditional Belgian Wheat Beer, reminiscent of Hooegaarden.  A cloudy straw coloured beer with a large frothy head.  It smells strongly of orange with herby rosemary and coriander overtones.  It has a spicy pleasant taste with a very dry citric after taste

Rating:  (our ratings guide)


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